Sales promotion thesis report

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Sales promotion thesis report

Sales promotion - Wikipedia

Sales promotion has a tactical, rather than strategic role in marketing communications and brand strategy. Researchers Farhangmehr and Brito, reviewed the definitions of sales promotions in marketing texts and journals and identified a set of common characteristics of sales promotion, including: Retailer-sponsored sales promotions are directed at consumers.

Manufacturers use two types of sales promotion, namely: Sales promotions targeted at consumers or end-users and designed to stimulate the actual purchase 2. Sales promotions targeted at trade, especially retailers, designed to increase sales to retailers, to carry the product or brand or to support the retailer in consumer-oriented promotions Consumer sales promotion types[ edit ] Consumer sales promotions are short term techniques designed to achieve short term objectives, such as to stimulate a purchase, encourage store traffic or simply to build excitement for a product or brand.

Traditional sales promotions techniques include: Consumers collect points, Sales promotion thesis report, or credits for purchases and redeem them for rewards. Offers a brand at a lower price. Price reduction may be a percentage marked on the package.

The packaging offers a consumer a certain percentage more of the product for the same price for example, 25 percent extra. In these scenarios, this bonus pack is framed as a gain because buyers believe that they are obtaining a free product. Sometimes consumers will end up spending money on an item they would not normally buy had it not been in a bonus pack.

A coupon booklet is inserted into the local newspaper for delivery. On checkout the customer is given a coupon based on products purchased. Coupons are available on a mobile phone.

Dissertation report on sales promotion

Consumers show the offer on a mobile phone to a salesperson for redemption. Online interactive promotion game: Consumers play an interactive game associated with the promoted product. Consumers are offered money back if the receipt and barcode are mailed to the producer. The consumer is automatically entered into the event by purchasing the product.

A sign that juts into the aisle from the shelf. A sign that sways when a consumer walks by it. A bin full of products dumped inside. A small stage that elevates a product above other products.

Sales promotion thesis report

A sign that jiggles. A board on which messages are written in crayon. A coupon placed on the 'neck' of a bottle. Solar-powered, animated light in motion.

Kids eat free specials: Offers a discount on the total dining bill by offering 1 free kids meal with each regular meal purchased. Consumers get one sample for free, after their trial and then could decide whether to buy or not. New technologies have provided a range of new opportunities for sales promotions.

Loyalty cards, personal shopping assistants, electronic shelf labels, and electronic advertising displays allow for more personalised communications and more targeted information at the point of purchase.

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For example, shoppers may receive alerts for special offers when they approach a product in a specific aisle. In-store deals[ edit ] There are different types of discounts available online versus in the stores.

Coupons are present at the shelf where the product is available. Coupons are available online. Consumers print them out and take them to the store.MBA Project Report-Sales Promotion.

The theories of Sales Promotion Introduction “Sales promotion comprises a range of tactical marketing techniques designed within a strategic. Thesis: Branding & Its Impact on the Consumer Decision Making Process (iTunes Case Study) - Dec /5(7).

Sales promotion on the other hand is time a tested marketing skill which is less expensive and which can translate into sales. creating brand loyal customers and increasing revenues/sales.t. The drawback of sales promotion is that it can¶t be used µcontinuously¶.

and reinforcing advertising (Shimp ).

Research Paper: IBM; Sales Promotion

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Sales promotion is one of the elements of the promotional mix. (The primary elements in the promotional mix are advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and publicity/public relations).

Sales promotion uses both media and non-media marketing communications for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market. Sales promotion is the dissemination of information through a wide variety of activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity which stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness.

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