Migration from horizon to symphony

Near the head of Lost Chicken Creek, the valley is separated from that of Chicken Creek by a gravel-capped terrace about feet above Chicken Creek which, according to USGS reports, is richly auriferous.

Migration from horizon to symphony

The new website now provides an intuitive user experience, facilitates ongoing website updates and drives higher client engagement. The key requirements were: Identify the technology to be used for developing the website. Develop the entire website for 5 regions on identified website platform technology Solutions: We rebuilt the corporate website with improved aesthetics and features.

We implemented the website for multiple regions on a leading CMS. We built system test plans, performed QA activities and delivered a quality product based on the acceptable criteria. The new website platform facilitates ease of ongoing and frequent updates.

Visually compelling and intuitive user experience. Download Case Study edynamic closely partnered with a Fortune 50 Company to create a high-performance marketing machine that drives revenue and provides a very good return on the Demand Generation investment.

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The client was looking to break new ground in marketing using best-in-class technologies and techniques so that they are able to quickly ramp up to the level of a Demand Generation Best Practice Organization.

Our goal was to enhance the online experience for Dayforce audience. The new site has a robust site structure for better user experience. Customized interactive elements have been created for the new site to engage the user and provide access to valuable information.

We implemented the site using Kentico Migration from horizon to symphony Management System to facilitate ongoing updates to website content.

Migration from horizon to symphony

The Connector helps Ortec manage their custom marketing forms created and controlled within Sitecore, pushing and pulling data from these forms to Eloqua. The key integration points enable each platform to see a common customer context, which in turn delivers personalized, engaging online experience.

Visit Website edynamic successfully redesigns the W. Carey website by conjuring the right mix of creativity and technology to deliver an industry leading website on Sitecore CMS. Visit Website Summary This large electronics manufacturer is a global leader in connectivity solutions, mobile device accessories, home energy conservation tools and datacenter components to provide an extensive range of innovations to customers worldwide, designed to give computer and consumer electronics users seamless integration in their homes, cars, and on the go.

They were looking to deliver the next generation website, by meeting the following business goals: Provide a go-to website for the most current and timely product information for consumers and channel partners.

Grow online revenue by providing a compelling shopping experience for consumers. Provide internal stakeholders with a single repository of product information for marketers, product managers and others. As eDynamic began its assessment several challenges became apparent: Solutions recommended need to have proven success and longevity.

Solutions recommended needed multi-language and multi-region support Solutions needed open architecture to support integration. Solution In order to determine the best platforms, eDynamic proposed a four-stage project plan: After assessing the specific content management, ecommerce and search requirements, eDynamic conducted extensive research on the available options, leveraged its extensive network of subject matter experts and ensured due diligence was applied on all possible solutions and vendors.

Next, eDynamic distributed RFIs to select vendors, reviewed the responses, and developed a vendor shortlist; from there, eDynamic reviewed vendor demos, which gave eDynamic even more insight into the differences between each product, as well as interaction with the solution providers.

After extensive deliberations, eDynamic confirmed its solution recommendations, crafted a detailed evaluation report, and presented its recommendations to the client stakeholders: Recommended platform for Search: Hybris Each solution worked well with the other, providing a combined set of capabilities that supported the requirements, while providing an acceptable pricing model.

Endeca Endeca offers dynamic URL optimization and automated sitemap generation for SEO optimization, as well as extensive scalability features for high volumes of searches and proven experience with high traffic ecommerce Web sitesa must-have for a company with as diverse a product line.

Endeca also offers extensive database connectivity options, proven integration with third-party analytics providers, and the multi-language support client needs for worldwide operations. Sitecore also offers Microsoft Word integration for rich-text content creation, an SEO module for content search engine optimization, and extensive workflow capabilities, version control and audit trails, making it ideal for a large organization.

Sitecore also features an open API, allowing for simple scripts to map fields from an external data source to the Sitecore content repository.

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For PIM and eCommerce: Hybris also offers full integration with Endeca out of the box, and multiple integration methods with third-party CMS solutions loose integration, static integration, dynamic integration via integration layer, or dynamic integration using servicesaligning it perfectly with the other chosen solutions.

Results After a deep evaluation of multiple vendors and solutions, eDynamic reached a consensus to define one solution for each category: We blend strategy, creativity and technology to deliver results.

With offices in five countries and customers spanning multiple industries including Financial Services, Legal, Publishing, Technology and Retail, eDynamic offers solutions in Customer Acquisition and Servicing, Content Management, Multi-channel Publishing, Interactive services and more.

AEGON Religare wanted to develop an employee Intranet to create an effective and secure medium for communication, collaboration, enhanced knowledge and process management.

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The new Intranet ensures consolidated information and improved workflow. I would like to thank the edynamic team for their support and dedication in making this possible.VPRO Documentary publishes a new subtitled documentary every week, investigating current affairs, finance, sustainability, climate change or politics.

Subscr. On The Horizon - Upcoming Seminars Overview of the Maya classic Period Russell Werner September 10, 17, 24, and October 1 ( pm) We will examine one of the world’s great civi-. Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen - WPRB Radio Program. From motorheads to craft-aholics, there's an event around Victoria for adults and kids of all ages.

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Long Songs List. What started as a bit of fun in the s has grown into a really long list. We finally have a way of keeping this list a bit more up-to-date and process the many submissions since the last update.

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