Effect on air pollution of kathmandu valley

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Effect on air pollution of kathmandu valley

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Bright yellow regions are the hottest and emit the most energy out to space. Dark blue and bright white regions, which represent clouds, are much colder and emit the least energy. The Flame by Jackson Pollock, c. For more information, and other works by Pollack, click here.

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Click to enlarge it. In the remote sensing image above, the continents all aglow like faint apparitions, as well as the scientific color key, were obvious give-aways that this was something other than a painting. And to my eye at least, the interplay of colors express a dynamism that looks almost painterly.

The pattern also looks abstract, at least at first glance. The ultimate source is incoming energy from the Sun. In this mage from the NOAA satellite, the white and green shades represent thick cloud cover reflecting incoming solar energy back to space.

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The darker blue regions have no cloud cover. This is infrared energy. So another, perhaps fanciful, way to think about the image is to consider it a planetary portrait painted with heat energy.

Bright yellow areas, like those over Africa and Australia, are warmest and emitting the most energy out into space.

What’s in the Air of Nepal? Filling Gaps in Pollution Data

The darker blue and bright white areas are emitting the least energy, and so they are coldest. These are mostly clouds. One other thing is worth mentioning: Some of that energy hangs around for awhile as a result of the natural greenhouse effect.

The distributed lag effect of ambient particulate air pollution that can be attributed to all cause mortality in Kathmandu valley, Nepal is estimated through generalized linear model (GLM) and generalized additive model (GAM) with autoregressive count dependent variable. Kathmandu's air pollution is beyond the point of acceptance at dry season (Nov-FEB), If you move in any direction (E-W-S-N) in any season from Kathmandu valley you will get really good environment. % () of the total land area is covered by forest resource makes this country as a green garden. you will able to see magnificent mountain. Nepal’s air pollution threatens humans and glaciers. GlobalPost. Kathmandu's air quality is notorious. Now there's an Air Quality Index to measure just how bad. But people here are.

And as this happens, these molecules begin radiating more heat. Some makes it down to the surface, causing warming there.

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Mar 30,  · Recently, Saharan dust turned Eastern European ski slopes orange. Now, another far-ranging pall of dust—exacerbated by pollution—is in the news. Tracking the nanosatellite and CubeSat revolution inde detail.

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Effect on air pollution of kathmandu valley

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